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As a coach and a psychologist for more than 35 years, I have worked with corporate executives, small business owners and aspiring professionals to successfully identify, achieve and balance professional goals with personal needs.

Dr Om Prakash
Dr Om Prakash

Many of my clients have been business executives and small business owners interested in:

·         Improving their work/life balance

·         Advancing to the next level or pay in their careers

·         Doubling their income, tripling sales

·         Overcoming adversity in the workplace

·         Retaining business during a  recession

·         Changing careers entirely

I begin with a complimentary session to help clients explore their coaching needs and identify key goals. Based on these inputs, coaching sessions are tailored to each clients need.

To schedule your complimentary session, please click below or email me at

Becoming aware of issues is the first step in the growth process and helps us to overcome problems in areas where we feel most vulnerable.

If your path to success is constantly being hampered by setbacks, you cannot afford not to explore coaching because the return of investment in your personal and in your company’s future is one to six as reported in recent surveys of coaching effectiveness.

When you remove emotional hurdles and are willing to explore coaching, your path to success will not be challenged by perceived obstacles and emotional handicaps and new vistas will open up — then the sky is the limit.

 Dr. Prakash explains his coaching strategy in his new book

His unique combination of education and life experience is what makes him a successful psychologist and coach.

An outline of his approach to coaching is presented in Dr. Prakash’s recently published book: From Change to Transformation & Beyond: Maintaining Balance on the Fast Track — A Personal Guide for Aspiring Professionals.