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How to Transform Your Life

This podcast is brought to you as a public service by Dr. Om Prakash, president of Success Unlimited Coaching. The podcast is designed to inspire you to discover your potential for success by exploring your inner resources, and to help you attain balance on the fast track of modern day life.

Dr. Prakash is a seasoned personal and professional executive coach and a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Irving, Texas.

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Hi, I am James Roth, an associate of Dr. Prakash. Dr. Prakash, what is the topic of our podcast today?


James, today’s podcast topic is How to Transform Your Life.

Dr. Prakash, What is transformation?

Transformation is a change that has powerful impact upon a person’s life.

Most changes  are adaptive in nature and in time they dissipate as the circumstances and need to maintain them fades away. But in moments of reflection some changes can have a far reaching effect and can transform your life. These transformational experiences can become source of inspiration

Most of us can identify and recall the time and place when something happened that made a lasting impression on us but we have to be mentally ready for these moments to experience transformation.

How do you prepare to transform your life?

Making meaningful changes in your life is the first step before you can transform your life. To change you must realize that some areas of your life need improvement and what changes you must make to start the process of change. Further, be aware that everyone has a God given gift that enables them to do something better than anyone else and you must accentuate your strengths. And then create an intention for change.

What are the guideposts to help you transform your life?

Once you have done the background prep, and then follow the guide posts below to effect the necessary changes:

  • Reframe situations in positive light.
  • Relinquish what you can’t control.
  • Set SMART (Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Tangible) goals.
  • Honor the past, learn from it and then let go.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to recreate your view of yourself.
  • Take care of yourself spiritually, mentally and physically.
  • Extend your positive vibes to everyone you know..
  • Identify the blind spots that keep you from making progress.

What do you need to do to make the process  of transformation work for you?

However, you must be realistic and be aware that no one can transform your life but yourself and you are  not always going  to get what you want in life.  Sometimes circumstances beyond your control may prevail  and there may be no tomorrow. You may fail at times but if you keep on trying eventually you will succeed.

Take a few moments each day for reflection to write a better story of your day by determining what you are going to accomplish for that day. Be grateful for what you received from life and pass it on to others what you have received. Your life be will be filled with true joy as you transform your life.

What other suggestions do you have to help individuals  to transform their life?

You know James, I wrote a book on change to transformation and I would recommend that they are welcome to look into the details of transformation process in this book.

This book is available both in paperback as well as e-copy form at as well as

That is my message for today.


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