Dr Om Prakash
Dr Om Prakash


In Memoriam
Dr. A. Om Prakash

We are deeply saddened to announce that Dr. A. Om Prakash passed away peacefully on Monday, February 15, 2021 in Houston, Texas after a brief illness at the age of 96. Dr. Prakash was a kind and compassionate person who deeply cared about his family, friends and patients. He was a skilled psychologist, whose counseling and coaching has touched and improved the lives of so many over his 40-year long career. He has taught many of us how to live better and more fulfilled lives and we will all greatly miss his thoughtful words of advice.

Dr. Prakash is survived by his wife, Georgia Prakash, his son, Siddharth Prakash, his daughter-in-law Igna Van den Veyver and their two children, Aryan and Gauri Prakash, and by his siblings Gyan, Satya, Shakti, Dharam, Pramod and their families.

It was Dr. Prakash’s wish that no formal memorial services be held. We ask that those wishing to honor his memory make donations on his behalf to The Harris Center Foundation for Mental Health and IDD.

The family is grateful to his healthcare providers at Houston Methodist Hospital and Houston Hospice for their loving and compassionate care in the final days of his life.


Something not everybody knows about Dr. Prakash

Dr. Prakash    Involvement in Gandhi’s Freedom Movement

                               A Glimpse of his Life before he came the US
                             By Adrian Peel, Canadian Video Journal, Jan 28, 2016

Dr. Prakash’s book analyzing entrepreneurship in North Texas:

This book is based upon the inferential analysis of the information obtained from interviews conducted by Dr. Prakash in 2016 with 15 DFW  business owners, leaders in their field, The findings suggested that DFW area of North Texas is economically the most vibrant area and shows great potential for future growth in the State of Texas.. This finding was attested by the Forbes money magazine, ranking DFW as the 6th most economically growing area showing great potential for future growth in the entire country.

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 Dr. Prakash explains his coaching strategy in this book

From Change to Transformation & Beyond: a Personal Guide for Aspiring Professionals

His unique combination of education and life experience is what makes him a successful psychologist and coach.

An outline of his approach to coaching is presented in Dr. Prakash’s recently published book: From Change to Transformation & Beyond: Maintaining Balance on the Fast Track — A Personal Guide for Aspiring Professionals. 

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  • A coaching approach is aimed at first empowering you, because you are the most important resource you have for yourself to  accomplish  your goals,  by establishing harmony and balance on the fast track of modern day fast and furious life style.
  • Empowering  enables you to accomplish changes in your perspective & approach to dealing with issues you face and  paves the way for you to effectively deal with specific issues that you need help with, because you will have acquired capabilities such as focus, energy for sustained action and ability to become proactive to deal with issues you face.

To help you deal with your specific coaching needs:

  • Personal coaching for Goal Setting, Decision Making, Time Management, Relationship Building, Life After Divorce, Loneliness & Depression, Excessive Stress & Anxiety, Midlife Issues, Grief & Bereavement, Retirement Planning, Identity Problems, Cultural Adjustment and others as needed.
  • Professional coaching for Career Planning & Enhancement, Developing Working Relationships, Becoming a Team Player, Team Meeting  Participation, Possibility Thinking, Giving 110 % to your Job, Making a Contribution, Creating a Voice of Your Own, Thinking, Work/Life Balance and others as needed.
  • Executive/ Business Coaching for Leadership Skills Training, Creating a Vision & Mission, Developing Corporate Culture, Team Building, Strategic Planning, Using Recognition & Rewards, Developing Employee Support Services & Other Corporate/Business Services as needed.


  • Coaching does not involve advice-giving, nor does it provide answers to the issues you face. We believe that you know your ‘self’ better than anyone else’. You have the answers within you — but you may not know how to find them.
  • The coach’s job is to enable you to make that self-discovery, by asking you searching questions, the answers to which will lead you, through critical thinking, to find the answer you seek to deal with the issues you may be facing.
  • One advantage of this self-discovery is that, since you discovered the ‘answer’ yourself, you own it and are more likely to follow through with it, rather than someone giving you advice as to how to go about dealing with it.
  • Of course, the coach will be there to help you implement your ideas and enable you to accomplish your goals. They will be your cheerleaders for your wins, and a sounding board for your setbacks.


  • Can’t afford it: You cannot afford not to explore coaching because the return of investment in your personal and in your company’s future is one to six as reported in recent surveys of coaching effectiveness.
  • Don’t have time: Coaching sessions are usually 30 to 45 minutes long and are conducted bi-monthly on the phone from the privacy of your office during the day or the comfort of your home in the evenings.
  • Becoming Venerable: The best way to overcome the fear of becoming  vulnerable, is  to become aware of issues,  since  in the growth process, it helps us to overcome problems in areas where we feel most vulnerable.
  • Sharing  personal info with strangers: As a member on International Coach Federation(ICF), ethics of our profession, dictates that all coaching communication must be confidential.
  • Let go of Control:When you remove emotional hurdles and are willing to explore coaching, you gain control of your destiny and your path to success will not be challenged by perceived obstacles and emotional handicaps and new vistas will open up — then the sky is the limit.
  • Have to check with spouse/ partner: Someone who loves you will not stand in your way to success, especially if you are simply exploring your  potential for succeed.