Overcoming Mind Monsters

This presentation on “mind monsters,” also known as “gremlins,” was made to the thirty-five members of American Payroll Association, Ft Worth Chapter, May 2010.

The presentation was approved by the National Association for CE credits. In introducing Dr. Prakash to the audience, Miriam Durani, the president of the chapter, said that we all have little gremlins in our lives that try to convince us that we can’t do something, and that Dr. Prakash can help us learn how to overcome them.

Stress Management Strategies in the Workplace, Denton


Strategies for Dealing with Workplace Stress: Presentation made to the fifty members of the Denton Chamber of Commerce on July 17, 2009, at the Courtyard by Marriott in Denton, Texas.

The editor of the Denton Chamber wrote: “Dr. Prakash brings a wealth of experience to his clients by synthesizing western psychological techniques with eastern philosophy of healing through spirituality in helping to maintain balance on the fast track. He believes that the individual is the most important resource in his or her efforts to succeed. Dr. Prakash combines life coaching techniques with executive and professional leadership training enabling his clients to attain maximum potential for optimum success.”

Maintaining Balance on the Fast Track


Maintaining Balance on the Fast Track: Presentation made to mortgage bankers at the Frisco branch of the Supreme Lending Company, Dallas, Texas.

The branch manager of Supreme Lending in Frisco approached Dr. Prakash for help with his staff and requested a repeat of the presentation for his staff. The participants engaged in an informative exchange during the question and answer session toward the end of the presentation. They expressed their concerns relating to their day-to-day stress and the pressures they felt due to the economic downturn, especially in the real estate business. Dr. Prakash offered suggestions to deal with their concerns.

Meditation for High Achievers: Unity Church of Dallas

Meditation for High Achievers: Presentation made to sixty members of the Unity Church of Dallas, on Sept. 29, 2009.

The Unity Church of Christianity is renowned for its open-minded approach to religion. In 1920, the church invited Paramahansa Yogananda, a monk, to represent Hinduism at their World Conference of Religions in Chicago, and supported him as he started his own organization, Self Realization Fellowship (SRF). At Unity, meditation is a regular part of their services, and the congregation enthusiastically participated in the presentation, which was part of their Sunday school class activities.

Meditation for High Achievers: Friends Forum

Meditation for High Achievers: A presentation was made to sixty members of the Friends Forum group on October 13, 2009, at the Colleyville Center in Colleyville, Texas.

Dr. Jayne Gardner, founder and director of the Gardner Institute of Coaching, who practices meditation herself, asked Dr. Prakash to make this presentation to her Friends Forum group. The group consists of coach trainees, accomplished coaches, and other professionals who wanted to experience meditation and, at some point, use meditation in their personal lives and professional work.

Meditation on the Lake

Meditation on the Lake: This presentation was made to 20 participants on the shores of Lake Ray Hubbard, Rockwall, Texas on Oct. 17, 2009, and was sponsored by Planet Rockwall news magazine and Eclipse Fitness Center.

The presentation was attended by twenty brave souls who resisted the temptation to attend a football championship game. It was a balmy Indian summer day on the lake and everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves. The participants were mature individuals who asked questions about how meditation could help ease pain and suffering. Dr. Prakash explained that meditation reduces stress levels, which are directly proportional to pain and suffering. Further, it releases hormones in the body that elevate pain threshold.


Meditation on the Sea Wolf

Meditation on the Sea Wolf, Lake Ray Hubbard, Rockwall, Texas: The presentation, Maintaining Balance on the Fast Track, was made to select members of the Rockwall community on November 1, 2009. Web: https://www.sailwithscott.com

Sea Wolf is a sailboat on Lake Ray Hubbard that belongs to Scott Self, who hails from an ancestry of European pirates transplanted to Galveston, Texas. Keeping up with his family tradition, he operates this fun boat, which he crafted. The participants in the presentation on board the sailboat on a beautiful fall day were specially invited guests. A wide range of topics was covered, along with experiential participation in progressive relaxation, guided imagery, and meditation.

Stress Management in the Workplace: Harris Methodist County Hospital, Fort Worth

Stress Management Strategies in the Workplace: For the staff of Harris Methodist County Hospital, Fort Worth, Texas, January 13, 2010.

This presentation was attended by twenty-five members of the hospital staff, representing almost all of the specialties and departments. The participants were exposed to stress-management techniques, such as progressive relaxation, guided imagery, self-hypnosis, and meditation.

Stress Management Strategies in the Workplace, MACP of Fort Worth

Stress Management Strategies in the Workplace: Presentation for the members of the Association of Corporate Paralegals, Fort Worth, Texas, February 4, 2010.

“Thank you so very much for your presentation of Stress Management in the Workplace at our continuing education seminar held in Fort Worth on February 4, 2010. Our members are grateful to you for sharing your time, knowledge and skills with us.”
—Leslie, Programs Chair

To view the seminar announcement from the Metroplex Association of Corporate Paralegals, go to: https://stolid.net/coachprakash/MACP_Flyer_for_Stress_Management_2-3_and_4.pdf