Dr. Prakash – In Quest for Personal Transformation: Part 1

In Quest for
Personal Transformation
Staying  Engaged, Connected

Story of my Journey of a Lifetime

Part – One

My Life in India

Om Prakash, Ph. D.
Clinical Psychologist
Mentor Coach


This book is the first part of a two part auto biographical description of the transforming experiences, I have had during the time I grew up in India, entire journey of my life time.
My autobiography describes experiences during the entire Journey of my life time. It has two parts:

  • Part- I My Life in India: 1925-1960
    Describes the high lights of my experiences in India, especially the transformation that took place while I was a political prisoner because of my participation in Gandhi’s Quit India freedom movement.
  • Part-II My Life in the US 1960 – Up to date
    Narrates the story of my journey to the US in the pursuit of further education and eventually to seek personal transformation to find the meaning and purpose of my life in the service of others as a mentor coach and a clinical psychologist.

At present part-one is being published. Later, the entire autobiography will be published and will contain both parts one and two.
The reason for this mode of publishing this work are two-fold:

  • One, my age. I am 95 years of age at the time of this writing and time is of essence for me. I wanted to get part one published since it was ready.
  • Two, my extended family in India. They would like for me to share the memories of our time together, and they want it under separate cover, because they can relate to the content in part one more so than they will be able to relate to my experiences in the US. Nonetheless, we will share the entire autobiography with them later when it comes out.

Unofficial reason for publishing part one was that part one was completed on my birthday, August 7, 2020. Hope the entire volume will be out no later than my next birthday.
Om Prakash, Ph.D.
Mentor Coach
Clinical Psychologist
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