Mediation has gone Mainstream: Local Executive Coach ahead of the Trend

In the past meditation was associated with ancient Eastern religious or spiritual traditions. Today, it is being prescribed by doctors and being used in schools and hospitals. Recent research has found that mediation can lower blood pressure and help reduce stress. Because of the many benefits of meditation it is no longer just a fad.
The Wall Street Journal, Men’s Health Magazine and The New York Times each had articles that recommended or mentioned meditation as a strategy for better health and success. The Times article mentions that ABC Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos rigid early-morning routine, which begins at 2:35 am each workday, includes at least 10 minutes of meditation.
According to the 2007 National Health Interview Survey, 1 out 11 Americans meditates. The most popular form of meditation is Mindfulness Meditation. Local psychologist and executive coach Dr. Om Prakash uses Mindfulness Meditation as one of the key techniques in his practice.
How Dr. Prakash Uses Mindfulness Meditation Techniques in Daily Practice
“I’ve been using Mindfulness Meditation in my practice for more than 30 years,” Prakash said. “It has helped my clients deal with panic attacks, pain, insomnia and helped lower blood pressure.”
Recently Prakash wrote a book, From Change to Transformation and Beyond, that helps busy executives find balance between work and life while still having successful careers. He writes about the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation in his book.
“The focus of the book is to empower professionals to maintain work/life balance while they are on the fast track to success,” Prakash said. “Instead of using traditional time management techniques that leave you stressed you will learn to use Mindfulness Meditation that helps you relax and be more aware.”
“Dr. Prakash used the techniques he writes about to help me discover that I wanted to start my own business,” said client, Chris Hatton. “He helped me create a road map to achieve this goal. I would have never had the courage to do it without his guidance.”
Many of Prakash’s clients have been business executives interested in improving their work/life balance or advancing to the next level of pay in their careers. He has helped clients double their income, triple sales, overcome adversity in the workplace, retain business during a recession and change careers entirely. His unique combination of education and life experience is what makes him a successful psychologist, coach and author.
Prakash has a unique perspective on life. He spent time in prison as part of Gandhi’s free India movement in the 1940’s.
“While I was in prison I had a lot of time to think,” Prakash said. “One evening after meditating I developed an inner awareness of what my calling in life was. It was in that moment I knew I wanted to devote my life to helping others.”
When he was released from prison he gave up his political aspirations and earned a master’s degree in psychology. He came to the United States to further his education. His approach blends Eastern and Western philosophies and has proven to be effective. At age 86, when most are enjoying their retirement, Prakash decided to receive additional training to become a Mentor Coach and since has added life-coaching services to his practice where he uses Mindfulness Meditation to help busy executives.  Prakash offers a complimentary session for anybody looking to advance their careers. Schedule your free session by calling (469) 360-3547.