How to get Reimbursed for Company Expenses


I work for this company where reimbursements to employees have been cut since the company is struggling to survive.  Yet, I keep incurring out of pocket expenses for my job.  What can I do to convince them that I need to be reimbursed?
It depends upon the kind of expense you incur.  If the expense is incurred because of your job functions, the company is responsible for those expenses and you may send the HR department an itemized list with dates, amounts and how the expense relates to your duties. For future expenses, get clearance from your boss before you incur any expenses. If this fails then inform your boss that unless you are paid first you will not be able to incur any further expense because it represents a substantial portion of your budget. Also let him/her know why you would not be able perform your duties to meet the standards of performance.  You may also make your boss aware of the importance of the functions you perform and how lacking such functions will have an impact upon the overall image, productivity and success of the struggling company. Finally, if worse comes worse, check with your accountant and see if you could write off your job related expenses as a donation to a struggling company.