Preparing for a Layoff

Hi, the company I have worked at has laid off several employees now.  I fear that we will undergo a second round of layoffs.  How do I prepare for a layoff or prevent myself from being laid off.
Dr. Prakash:
Fear of being laid off in the next round of cuts is very real in this time of economic slowdown. The strategy to prevent such a layoff on your part would involve developing a close working relationship with your boss and /or decision maker, coming up with ideas that can help the company weather the storm with your help, and becoming indispensable so they would want to keep your position. The strategy to prepare for a job layoff, if and when it happens, would involve seeking an economic package which can sustain you for at least 6 to 12 months, be assigned  to a prepaid business coach (some companies offer this service) who can help you to develop a strategy to prepare for a whole new outlook to explore future  possibilities and carve out an entirely new career.