Hard to Please Boss

Help! There seems to be nothing I can do to please my boss.  I am giving 110%, but I feel as if nothing is good enough for him.  I know I shouldn’t be worried about pleasing him and should just concentrate on doing my job.  But I am worried that he is looking for reasons to fire me.
Dr. Prakash:

In the professional world 50 percent of your performance is evaluated by how well you do your job and the other 50 percent depends upon how well you relate to your coworkers, boss, the members of your team and your clients.  My advice is to develop a good working relationship with your coworkers and clients. This is the key to your boss realizing that you are a good team player and the clients you work with are happy. If you clients are satisfied with your work, your boss should be too. You can seek the assistance of a business coach to learn relationship building skills to develop such working relationships and overcome the sense of job insecurity you are currently experiencing.