Dressing for the Job


Hello, a coworker recently told me that I should dress for the job I want.  Even though I was a little insulted I knew they were right.  Should I spend big bucks to revamp my wardrobe?  It seems shallow to think that we are judged by what we wear.
Dr. Prakash:

Lasting impressions are often made in the first 30 seconds. Like it or not, people make judgments on our appearances so it’s important to dress the way you want to be perceived. It is not necessary to spend big bucks revamping your wardrobe. I suggest taking cues from your boss and coworkers. If everyone wears a suit to work, you should too.

You can also hire a wardrobe consultant. They can help you go through your closet and pick out key pieces that are professional. Many department stores provide personal shoppers. You can work with a personal shopper to help you find affordable and professional pieces that work for your job.