Difficult Client

Dealing With Difficult Client

Hello, I have this client that is very difficult to work for.  I fear that I may slip and really tell them off.  What is the best way to deal with them?  Should I fire them as a client before I get fired for cursing them out?
Dr. Prakash:

Ignoring the rude behavior of a client can create resentment. It is important to remember that every once in a while we are going to encounter rude clients/customers. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to fire them all! I suggest trying to attaching new meaning to their behavior and not to perceive it as personal. Think to yourself – this is a dysfunctional person who is trying to control the world by attacking others and if I become upset I will give them control over me and I refuse to do just that. This mantra will enable you to detach yourself from the situation and put a smile on your while you have to deal with them.  It will also make them aware that their aggressive and abrasive behavior does produce a negative reaction from you and it isn’t necessary to be rude in order to accomplish a task.