Benefits of Practicing Meditation

Our smart phones allow us to be available 24/7. We have access to social media, email and Internet at all time. Being constantly connected can be exhausting. Meditation can be a powerful resource for individuals in a stressful world.
In order to benefit from meditation you must understand the preventive nature of meditation, it is not designed to solve your problems but to empower you to do so. In addition, you must make a commitment to practice meditation on a regular basis by setting it as a priority and as an investment in your well-being.

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This self-discipline and commitment to meditation can be very rewarding, but it will require patience, persistence and practice to reap the following benefits:
Stress Reduction: It does not matter where the stress comes from, it is the elevated levels of stress that are poisonous, and meditation keeps it within functional limits. This enables you to overcome disorders such as insomnia, headaches, heartburn, ulcers etc.
Present Moment Awareness: Being in the moment enables you to respond to circumstances and events around you and you are able to deal with the challenges you face in life.
Focused Attention: Awareness of the moment in time enables you to develop inner focus that translates into certain levels of inner concentration in meeting the demands of daily life.
Synergy: The enhanced capacity to stay focused in meeting the challenges you face will enable you to create synergy, a positive energy that energizes and motivates you.
Balance:Meditation enables you to respond rather than react to challenges in life by empowering you to establish balance in your life.
Inner Peace: Continued balance leads to inner peace.
Pre-sensing: In a state of inner peace you are able to pre-sense your future and bring into the present your best future potential.
The return on investment of time and energy in practicing meditation is 1 to 6. It empowers you,  the most important resource for personal and professional growth. To ensure these benefits of meditation, I strongly suggest that you learn meditation under the proper guidance of trained teacher. Further, be aware that even though it may take half an hour to learn to practice meditation it takes sustained practice on your part to reap all of its benefits.