Getting Passed Over for Promotion

Hello, I have worked at this company for a very long time now.  I keep getting passed over when promotion time comes around.  How do I go about speaking to my boss about this?  In this economic downturn, should I try to leave for greener pastures?
Dr. Prakash

Being passed over for a promotion in spite of seniority suggests a communication and a relationship problem. Developing a working relationship with your boss will help you open the channels of communication.  As things settle down subsequent to a missed promotion opportunity, request a one-on-one meeting with your boss, and ask for a clear definition of your responsibilities and what you must do to meet the standards of performance outlined for you. Establish mini-goals to attain those standards of performance set by your boss and keep a record of your accomplishments. In monthly/quarterly meetings discuss your accomplishments and request feedback and continue to outline how your level of performance has evolved since the initial discussion with your boss. Continue this process until your next annual performance evaluation and request consideration for promotion if and when it comes up.
Meanwhile, hone your skills for the next level in your professional development and if you are bypassed again, I suggest seeking greener pastures, but be aware that there is tough competition out there for older and seasoned workers during this environment of economic slowdown