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Distinguished Psychologist and Corporate Coach, Dr. Om Prakash offers valuable insights into Texas’ fastest growing region. 

Dr. Prakash’s new book analyzing entrepreneurship in North Texas:

This book is based upon the inferential analysis of the information obtained from interviews conducted by Dr. Prakash in 2016 with 15 DFW  business owners, leaders in their field, The findings suggested that DFW area of North Texas is economically the most vibrant area and shows great potential for future growth in the State of Texas.. This finding was attested by the Forbes money magazine, ranking DFW as the 6th most economically growing area showing great potential for future growth in the entire country.

This publication was ranked 6th best selling book in its category by Amazon Kindle’

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Press release

Distinguished Psychologist and Corporate Coach, Dr. Om Prakash, reveals the secrets to success in his book: 

   From Change to Transformation & Beyond:
 Maintaining Balance on the Fast Track
A Personal Guide for Aspiring Individuals

From Change to Transformation & Beyond: a Personal Guide for Aspiring Professionals
From Change to Transformation & Beyond: a Personal Guide for Aspiring Professionals

Corporate Coach and Psychologist, Dr. Om Prakash, combines his more than 35 years of experience into a guide to personal success for business executives. His book, From Change to Transformation & Beyond, focuses on a spiritually based self-help approach that creates inner awareness and goal orientation. This approach helps professionals achieve personal and professional go

The Issues Covered
The book covers issues such as learning the mindset of Oneness, identifying mental saboteurs (The Gremlins), coping with the stresses of life and corporate culture, discovering the power of possibility thinking, learning the role of meditation in transformation and maintaining balance on the fast track.

The Focus of the Book
“The focus of the book is to empower professionals to maintain work/life balance while they are on the fast track,” said Dr. Prakash. “Instead of using traditional time management techniques that leave you stressed, learn to live by a compass rather than a clock.

Dr. Prakash’s self-help approach has helped his  clients:

  • Double their income
  • Retain clients during the recent recession
  • Overcome anxiety in the workplace

“Dr. Prakash used the techniques he writes about to help me discover that I wanted to start my own business,” said client Chris Hatton, who is a Senior Partner at Money Matters a financial planning group in Dallas, TX. “He helped me create a road map to achieve this goal. I would have never had the courage to do it without his guidance.”

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The Uniqueness of Transformational Approach to Self Help
I have written this book to share with you the experiences I have had in my journey towards transformation and eventual balance. The approach outlined in this book is unique because it is based on the universal spiritual principles to help you create life style changes based upon the laws of nature.

Since changes are inevitable, they can be adaptive and in moments of reflection, they can transform into life style changes leading to balance in your life.

In order to accomplish this goal, transformational approach enables you to :

  • Bring spirituality in day to day affairs of your life by incorporating the belief in the unity of all living beings and that we are all connected with each other
  • Establish ‘Oneness’ within yourself by bringing into alignment the internal capabilities of thoughts and feelings and external capabilities of words and action to start the process of change.
  • Create present moment inner awareness to capture the moment of reflection in making transformational changes by the practice of mindfulness meditation.
  • Develop an understanding of the process involved in the evolution of change into transformation and how transformation produces lifelong changes.
  • Enable you to tame your gremlins, the “mind monsters” which sabotage your creativity and help you to learn techniques to overcome your personal and work related stress.
  • Develop a passion for creative expression through possibility thinking.
  • Explore the wisdom beyond experience to overcome odds that stifle your creativity.
  • Help you to create a life goal plan to incorporate transformational changes that you would like to make in your journey towards self-discovery.
  • Empower you to formulate and execute self-discipline strategies and learn to live by the compass rather than a clock.
  • Enable you to incorporate Gandhi’s philosophy of ’Detached Action’ in your life style in your efforts to establish discipline in your life.
  • Finally, help you to attain balance on the fast track of your life by incorporating the concepts of wisdom beyond experience, connectedness, integration, centering, and self-fulfillment in your life.

    The Transformational Self Help Perspective:
    This outline of transformational self-help perspective for enabling you to attain balance in your life is a spiritually based approach and incorporates unique ideas drawn from the wisdom of all the major spiritual traditions of the world. Although this book can be can be helpful in enhancing the realm of personal development, the material in this book will specifically be helpful to those who are motivated to realize their dreams of success and have tried many different approaches without much success and wish to rediscover their potential for success by tapping into their inner resources through this spiritual approach as a personal guide.

Concluding Comments

I now stand on the crossroads of your life and ask you, ‘Where are you going?’ I hope that the concepts and ideas presented in this book will help you to discover the direction and purpose in your life, and enable you to attain your maximum potential for optimum success through transformational changes.

Om Prakash, Ph.D.
Performance Coach
Clinical Psychologist


“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Dr. Prakash and know firsthand of his passion and unique qualities in working with people. This book is a wonderful expression of his gift in understanding ‘Transformative Changes’ that unfold in each of our lives. I’m certain that when you follow the practices in his book you too will experience a deeper awakening and joy in the unfolding of life as it happens.”
— Wade Lindstrom, Director of Coaching, Professional Education Institute.

“This is a remarkable book about practical steps for making transformative changes and made all the more remarkable by the amazing example of its author who, as I write, is 86, in superb
health, meditating twice a day, doing yoga, carrying on both his coaching and psychology practices and…writing books!  I heartily recommend it.”
— Ben Dean, Ph.D., MCC, Founder Mentor Coach

“Om Prakash is a very wise soul. He once taught a group  Of coaches at Mentor Coach to meditate,  I walked away with  the  ability  to meditate and an overwhelming sense of His passion and energy for life and giving. His keen intelligence and warmth of character draw people to him. Om has had many successes in his life and the people he has touched are better for their contact with him.”
— Anne Durand MCC, CEO Mentor Coach. President, Durand Coaching 703-920-1319

“From his involvement in Gandhi’s freedom movement to his comments on contemporary issues of technology and balance Om Prakash shares his own journey of transformation.  His approach will help the reader create positive life changes based on spiritual principles and the laws of nature.”
— Judy Feld Past President, International Coach Federation, author of Smart Match Alliances

“I met Dr. Prakash at a professional meeting in 2009.  My life has never been the same!  His life lessons and his introduction to meditation have been inspiring and touched my life in a very deep way.  Just being in the presence of this man is transformational!”
— Dr. Jayne Gardner, Principle: The Gardner Institute, a training school for people wanting to become Spiritual Coaches.

“The coaching process enables clients to experience profound transformation change. In his insightful book, “From Change to Transformation & Beyond: A Personal Guide for Aspiring Individuals” Dr. Prakash translates the powerful coaching experience into a helpful written guide that enables readers to discover their true life purpose and leverage universal spiritual principles for achieving their full potential and enjoying newfound levels of success, balance and connection.”
— Michelle Schubnel, President and Head Coach,

“The desire to become, to transform, has taken on new meaning in these tumultuous times, people are hearing the call to a more mindful life, a life of authentic and right choice. Dr. Prakash brings a rich background and strong voice to those who aspire for balance and the deeper meaning. Change is inevitable, how you move in change is not – Dr, Prakash leads you on a path of centered practices designed enrich your personal journey.”
— Deanna Stull, CVCC, PCC — General Manager, CoachVille & The Center for Coaching Mastery.

“No one sets out to create an unsuccessful life. That goes without saying. But how to create a successful life is the journey of a lifetime. It starts with practice: practicing right relationship with the mind; practicing right relationship with the emotions; practicing right relationship with the present moment; practicing right relationship with inner and outer based relationships. So as you can see, a successful life is the natural by-product of a wise and transformative, well-executed practice. Dr. Prakash has written the definitive bible on transformational change. His wisdom offers us more than just the fine art of “practice makes perfect.” He offers the transcendent gift of how to practice to realize you are perfect. Warning: this book contains the seeds of a transformational personal revolution. Read at the  risk of creating a wildly successful life.”
— Vaishali ~ author of “You Are What You Love” & “Wisdom Rising” syndicated radio show host and life management expert.  Aime for Vaishali Purple Haze Press®

“Inspiring, practical and applicable, Dr. Prakash has captured the key universal spiritual principles that will allow each of us make the changes necessary to live our lives to the fullest and to craft the future we long to create.”
— Ginger Cockerham, Master Certified Coach, author and executive business coach

Book Reviews

“Imagine my delight in opening the mail and finding a copy of your wonderful book! And my delight grew to new heights when I found you had so kindly honored me with an acknowledgement! Words can’t describe how excited I am! I am going to the beach next week and will be taking my new summer reading material. Thank you so very much! I’m happy to see you are still doing great things! I look forward to our paths crossing again soon.”
— Victoria Kennedy, Producer Host CNN International, July 2012

“Sometimes we all forget to stop and think – – Dr. Prakash’s book explains how important it is to be centered and aware. Life can throw a lot of curves at us – but with tools, we can deal with whatever comes along. The book gives many suggestions and ways to not only get through hard times, but learn to relax and enjoy each day. I’ve met with Dr. Prakash on several occasions and really appreciate his input.”
— Pidge Parrino,

“Every now and then I like to read the latest self help book and try to pick out a few tips to improve my life. Wow! Everything in this book could be applied with very little effort. Not only was this a great read (read it in one day), but the advice he gave really hit home. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to start living their life now.”
— Will T,

“I had really been struggling with whether I should leave my current position and start my own business. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss but the thought of starting a business just seemed overwhelming. After reading this book, I realized my goal was attainable. The book made me realize I had the skills and confidence to go out on my own. The chapters on goal planning and creating a life plan really helped me get started on what steps I needed to take to be on my way.”
— Kendall Slater,

Dr. Prakash, A note of congratulations on the publication of your book “From Change to Transformation & Beyond,” as well as a thank you for letting me know of the citation of my work in the book. Very glad to share in any way useful. Clearly you bring an immense wealth of experience to your own work, and significant generosity of spirit.  Kindest  respects and warm wishes.”
— Ellen Baker, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Washington DC

“Just received a copy of Dr. Om Prakash‘s new book, “From Change to Transformation and Beyond, Maintaining Balance on the Fast Track: A Personal Guide for Aspiring Individuals.” I was acknowledged in this book from interviewing Dr. Prakash when I hosted Enlightenment Radio. This book is truly a must read. Those of you who were fans of Enlightenment Radio will remember this was the man who worked with Gandhi during the revolution and was jailed for his work with Gandhi.”
— Dakota Lawrence, Host of Enlightenment Radio

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Distinguished Psychologist and Corporate Coach, Dr. Om Prakash’s new book reveals his journey of a lifetime in:

In Quest for Personal Transformation


This book grew out of my personal transformation experiences, when I was a student at the University of Delhi in India. As a freshman, I got involved in Gandhi’s Quit India Freedom Movement working as a community organizer. I was imprisoned by the British for six months before the dawn of freedom in India. While in prison just before my release, in moments of reflection after a meditation session, I realized that I wanted to dedicate my life to serving others rather than go into politics of the time. The transformation happened because l liked what I did as a community organizer in the freedom movement and I had become aware of the bitter realities of a political life.

Dr Prakash book Quest for Personal Transformation & Story of My Journey of a Lifetime
Quest for Personal Transformation & Story of My Journey of a Lifetime – Part 1: My Life in India

In this book, I share with you the transformational learning experiences I have had, which enabled me to imbibe experiential learning over the years of my life. Over time, this experiential learning enabled me to understand the wisdom beyond experience of our ancestors, as I matured physically, mentally and spiritually. This wisdom goes far beyond experiences in living. Passing on this wisdom of our ancestors to the next generation embodies the Jewish concept of Schael (pronounced: Say-hul), which involves the evoking of innovation and creativity to seek answers that transcendent experiences in living.

This narrative of my journey of a lifetime signifies their Schael, the accumulated wisdom beyond experiences in living, which I will try to share with you.

I am grateful for a bountiful life I have had over a span of so many years.

Om Prakash August, 2019