Complementary Session

I am delighted that you have accepted my offer of a complimentary session.

Your  willingness  to explore coaching, could

  • Be a start of a new growth process, by
  • Becoming centered, and  by
  • Enabling us to jointly explore your potential for success

 To attain this growth, you can manage to find  time for coaching because

  • Most coaching sessions are conducted bi- monthly on the phone and
    last only about 30 minutes.
  • From the privacy of your office or the comfort of your home,
  • On a schedule that is convenient for you.

Investment of time in exploring coaching will enable you to

  • Learn to respond rather than react to challenging situations
  • Perform more effectively and efficiently
  • Obtain results that far beyond your expectations, 

 You can’t but afford  to explore coaching, because this investment is

  •   For your personal/ professional growth and /or your company’s future,
  •  Is affordable, because the return of investment  in coaching is’ One to Six
  •  As reported in recent surveys of coaching effectiveness.

Here are the steps t o get started:

  Thanks for your interest in our coaching services, and
welcome to our complementary coaching session.

As a token of our appreciation, you are welcome
to download a free copy of  Dr Prakash’s newest book

Scheduling a complimentary session, involves three steps: 

    •  Step – 1 :Schedule Your Session by clicking right here.
      It will take you to Calendar Scheduler page.
    •  Step – 2: Return to complimentary  session page by clicking <back arrow top left  and
                        Complete Your Contact Information, below.
      Note: To confirm your session, we request that you complete both Steps 1 & 2.