Personalized Coaching in Irving, TX

Dr Prakash offers personal and executive coaching services in the Dallas area
Dr. Om Prakash

Being successful in business requires being able to make a lot of smart, tough choices. Sometimes, when you are in the thick of it, it can feel very difficult to choose the best options going forward to lead yourself and your company towards the success you are after. How do you gain the knowledge and experience necessary to continue to make well thought-out decisions? You reach out to the career planning coach at Success Unlimited Coaching.
Dr. Prakash provides personalized coaching in Irving, TX, designed to assist corporate leaders, executives, and professionals as well as small business owners. Through his helpful leadership coaching, his clients are able to restore and maintain balance for themselves and their business without having to get off the fast track towards success. Additionally, Dr. Prakash offers special coaching programs that are targeted specific for your business and the types of struggles you might be experiencing. Some of these specialty corporate coaching services include group coaching sessions, coaching for South Asian professionals, and small business development workshops.

Understanding Your Coaching Needs

No two businesses or business professionals are exactly the same. That means there isn’t one leadership coaching method that is going to help everybody. The key is to receive personalized coaching that is directed specifically at your concerns so that you have the skills necessary to handle any challenges or obstacles that appear on your climb up the mountain of success.
To gain a better understanding of your specific needs, Dr. Prakash begins with an initial complimentary session to help his clients explore their coaching needs and identify key goals to work towards. Based on these inputs, coaching sessions are then tailored to fit the specific client’s needs while retaining flexible options throughout the individual sessions, group sessions, or workshops.
Over the past 35 years, Dr. Prakash has worked with numerous professionals, executives, and corporate groups. Some of the different coaching areas he has worked with them with include:
• Strategic Planning for Focused Action
• SMART Goal Planning
• Brainstorming to Uncover Innovative Approaches & Solutions
• Bottom-Lining as a Method of Communication
• Accountability as a Measure of Progress
• Conflict Resolution
• Sexual Harassment Issues
• Small Business Development
• Understanding & Supporting the Development of Executives at Midlife
• Sharpening the “Big Picture” of Growing Businesses
• Specialized Support Services for Challenged Professions

How Corporate Coaching Helps You

Working with a career planning coach is one of the smartest decisions a professional can make when he or she is looking to truly find success in their career. With the right guidance and knowledge backing you, you are able to avoid many of the pitfalls other professionals have made as they strived towards success. A lot of hard work goes into becoming the success you have always wanted to become and our personalized coaching ensures that none of that hard work is going to waste.
So what sort of benefits should you expect from working with our career planning coach? While everyone is different, including their needs and how they internalize and use the coaching provided to them, there are a number of ways that leadership coaching is going to leave a positive impression on you. Many professionals and executives find themselves, after our coaching, with an increased ability to:
• Improve Personal Skills for Dealing with Business Issues
• Enhance Leadership Qualities
• Explore Maximum Personal Potential
• Introduce Brainstorming for Discovering New Solutions
• Develop Proactive Action Plans
• Create a Master Plan for Developing Their Business
• Conduct Comparative Analysis of Competitive Marketing
• Discover Emerging Market Trends
• Evolve a Sustaining Management Philosophy
• Establish a Sustaining Management Philosophy
• Establish Goal Planning as a Mode of Operation
• Inspire a New Vision & Mission for the Business
• Nurture a Highly Refined Company Culture
• Clarify “the Big Picture” of the Business & Its Future
Contact us for more information about scheduling your initial consultation with our career planning coach. Dr. Prakash looks forward to providing informative, helpful coaching services to professionals located throughout the Irving, Texas, area.

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