Coaching for South East Asian Professionals

I offer specialized coaching to help Indian and and other South Asian country professionals .The coaching primarily helps them to learn the skills and tools needed to achieve personal and professional success while adjusting to a new western environment.
It is my firm belief that every individual has the potential for growth and self-development. My background and expertise gives me a deep understanding of the Asian culture. I is the basis of my unique approach that helps uncover their  innate strengths and resources to deal with issues and  explore meaningful alternatives in the pursuit of their dreams.
Below are some of the common issues and problems that many Asian clients experience:

  • Job loss or apprehension of job loss, especially in mid-life
  • Strategies for finding a new job
  • Developing management skills
  • Switching to new career
  • Children and family anxieties
  • Adjusting to a new culture
  • Overcoming misconceptions about immigrant native lands
  • Dealing with immigrant stereotypes
  • Balancing native lifestyles with American lifestyles
  • Adapting to belong to a culturally diverse group
  • Anxiety, stress and sense of desperation in dealing with the unknown
  • Silent anger toward foreign professionals
  • Problems of cross-cultural or blended families
  • Anyone who wishes to pursue their dream and achieve their goals

For information on Coaching for South Asian Professionals please contact me.