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Coaching for Corporate Clients begins with comprehensive understanding of the background, business priorities and strategic goal setting. Clients will be systematically guided to create their personal and corporate profiles, made aware of organizational strengths and values, analyze leadership skills, and prepare themselves for success through coaching.

Coaching for Corporate Clients includes detailed assessments at basic and optional levels.

Clients are required to download and complete specified documents prior to coaching sessions.

  • Client Profile Form
  • Call Prep Form

Module: II-A

  • Business Descriptors form
  • Business Needs and Goals Assessment
  • Smart Goals form

Module: II-B

As coaching progresses, there may come a point when we might need to gather additional information. This is done through advanced needs assessment instruments that further enhance the effectiveness of strategic planning. They include:

  • Leadership Effectiveness Profile for assessment of your leadership style
  • Strategic Planning for setting agendas for discussion and implementation of plans

At the appropriate time, download instructions for these assessments will be sent via email.

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