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Involvement in Gandhi’s ‘Quit India’ Freedom Movement

Dr Prakash offers personal and executive coaching services in the Dallas area
Dr. Om Prakash

Dr. Prakash grew up in India. When he was a student at university of Delhi he became involved in the “Quit India” freedom movement launched by Gandhi. The transformational experiences that Prakash underwent when he served as a community organizer in the freedom movement in India as a teenager turned into a passion for service to others and continue to inspire him to this day.
Passion for Service
In order to pursue his mission of serving others, he gave up his potential political aspirations and earned a ‘Bachelor of Science in Physics’ from the ‘University of Delhi’ and later while a ‘High School Physics Instructor for 8 years,,  he earned  a‘Master’s Degree‘ in Psychology from the ‘National Muslim University in India.’ Later, he came to the U.S. for further education, and earned another “Master’s Degree’ in ‘Education and Child Development’ from the ‘University of Minnesota’. Subsequently, he received a ‘Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology’ from the ‘University of Montana’.
Work Experience
Subsequent to completing his ‘Fellowship at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City,’ Dr. Prakash accepted the position of ‘Unit Psychologist‘ at the ‘Developmental Disabilities School’, Austin, Texas and remained in that position for two years. He then was offered the position of a Psychologist at the ‘North Texas Hospital’
and later served as ‘Directoer of Behavior Modification‘ for ten years before he started
his Private practice in Dallas, Texas.
Private Practice Experience
Dr. Prakash established his private practice in Irving, Texas  as an associate of a
Dr Karens . a Family Physician and  practiced  Clinical Psychology for 35 years.    About 15 years ago, after receiving extensive training for two years with 120 credit hours in coaching from the Mentor Coach LLC program, he added lcoaching services to his practice.
Coaching Philosophy
Dr. Prakash’s Coaching Philosophy  is outlined  in his book:
From Change to Transformation & Beyond:
Maintaining Balance on the Fast Track
– A guide for the Aspiring Professionals.
The self-help approach outlined in this book is based on the universal spiritual principles to help create lifestyle changes based upon the laws of nature. The book’s purpose is to empower the readers to attain and maintain balance on the fast track by making transformational changes in their lives. The material in this book will be most helpful to those who are motivated to make their dreams come true.

Since 2003, he has focused his practice on specialized coaching and mentoring services. He offers coaching for individuals who know where they want to be in life but need assistance to get there and psychological therapy and support for patients in a private practice office.

Other Media Outreach
He is well-known in the media through his weekly columns and presentations in regional newspapers and television. He is a member of the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce.

A Seasoned Coach & a Mental Health Professional

Impact for Coaches
Dr. Prakash is a founding member of IMPACT, professional coaching association

Dr. Prakash is a seasoned coach, trained psychologist and ‘oneness’ therapist who has guided scores of professionals, executives and small business owners to achieve unlimited success.He provides personalized coaching services for corporate leaders, executives, professionals and small business owners.  His specialty is in helping clients restore and maintain balance without getting off the fast track.

He begins with an initial complimentary session to help clients explore clients coaching needs and identify key goals.  Based on these inputs, coaching sessions are tailored to fit client needs with flexible options through individual sessions, group sessions or workshops.Dr. Prakash has had a long and distinguished career in psychology and coaching. . He specialized in a broad range of mental health issues and problems in individuals and corporate groups.

Relocation of Coaching Practice
In 2016 Dr. Prakash decided to retire from his Psychology Practice and he and his wife of 55 years moved to Houston Texas, to be near their  son’s family.Their have a son is a physician at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in Houston.
Dr. Prakash is in excellent health, maintains  a modest Coaching Practice, and  is actively involved in helping others, the mission of his life.

His Present Professional Activities involve:

  • He publishes  a bi-monthly podcast on topics of interest.
  • In February of 2017,  he publishes second book ” Business Environment & Entrepreneurship inDFW areaof North Texas, based upon the inferential  analysis  of data from interviews from Interviews he had conducted with 15 Successful Business owners In DFW.
  • His ‘Auto-Bio Part One’ is in press and will be published soon,. Part one describes his life in India before he came to the US.
  • Currently he working on his Auto-Bio Part Two which  will be published in 2020.

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