Success Stories & Testimonials

Success Stories

What clients say about Dr. Prakash:

  • “He is an extremely insightful mentor.”
  • “He got me on track in no time!”
  • “He understood my objectives immediately.”
  • “Coach Prakash inspires and motivates me.”

Steve owned a small mailing company with 13 employees. It is a family-owned business and included his wife and his mother, and a silent partner in the business. The employees were not working as a team and the business had stagnated. Through our coaching relationship, Steve learned to effectively match his expectations with his employees’ capabilities. As a result, there was a huge improvement in team morale in the company and everybody pulled their weight.

Practice of mindfulness meditation helped Steve to establish balance in his life, which  positively impacted his staff and family, especially his children. Revenues increased, his business continued to grow, and he planed  to move to a bigger place soon to accommodate this growth.

Sam, a New York Life insurance agent had  a strong management background. When we started working together, he was junior partner with an elderly gentleman, who was not interested in helping Steve build his own business. We decided to move away from this partnership and start a separate business within six months. During this period, he also got an opportunity to join a radio host owner of Financial Group, while maintaining his insurance practice.

Sam discovered the benefits of practicing meditation  to attain balance in his personal and professional life. His business tripled and he had his own practice with a full-time secretary and has attained his goal of a growing business. Like most creative people, he was rather disorganized and was having difficulty focusing on business essentials.

Kim, a thirty-something divorced mother of a little boy. Divorce left her with the sole responsibility of her son and a big debt.  A college graduate, her ambition was to become a doctor; instead, she took on a sales job to support herself and her son. When I started working with her, she was in an abusive relationship with a man who did not respect her.

Through  coaching, Kim learned to became aware that she did not need a man in her life to be happy. Gradually she became her own person which  led to  improved performance  in her work and eventually she was offered a promotion, which  brought financial security in her life.

A financial planner, Tom worked with a major financial corporation. When we first started, he was dealing with some serious family issues that were holding him back. Practice of mindfulness meditation  helped him to maintain his stress within functional limits enabled him to deal with his family issues,

Additionally, we worked with Tom’s  business partner to create coordinated and focused effort which enabled both of them to quadruple their business. They started implementing  a five year strategic plan for setting up a their  independent practice in a fast growing suburb of Dallas. Tom continued to remain very dedicated to his family.

Names have been changed to protect client identity


“My interest in the (meditation) seminar was secondarily the tips for carrying on with the dissertation and primarily the instruction in meditation. I already practice yoga, but only sporadically, a few times a week. Aside from instruction itself, I took away from the seminar the importance of building meditation into my daily routine. … I also appreciated the philosophy you offered to the effect that one has to make self-care and stillness the basis for all activities. Thank you for contributing to my philosophical as well as my practical understanding.”— Eric P., Graduate Student

“Working with Dr. Prakash has helped me to improve my communication skills with both my family and my patients. Being a better listener and also being able to clearly demonstrate that I do understand what others are feeling or saying, has improved my personal and interpersonal interactions with others.”— David P., MD

“In a very low period of my life, I was very fortunate to meet Dr. Prakash. He has become a mentor to me, by teaching me Meditation, Yoga and Diet. Because of these I have found myself becoming a better person mentally and physically. I consider him more as a friend than my doctor.”— Melanie P., Aviation Employee

“I want to thank you for all that you have taught me. You helped me improve the quality of my life, for which I am grateful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, your healing ways, your care and your concern.”— Paula P., Educator

“When my wife came to the US from India with our 3-year old son, she was having difficulty getting adjusted to the way of life in the US. When I was searching for someone who could help us, I came across Dr. Prakash. I spoke to him and visited his website and got all of the details. I thought that since he has a lot of experience and by origin he is an Indian, he could better help us. When we visited him regularly, my wife started feeling better, while adjusting to the new way of life slowly and steadily. I sincerely thank Dr. Prakash for his help in a considerate and effective way with my wife, and in turn with my family. I wish him all the very best in his new endeavor. – Santanu B., IT Professional

“It is important that I let you know how grateful I am for all of your help, nurturing, support and everything else you have done to help me. You have been the most constant and consistent person in my life, especially through this most difficult time in my life, the last couple of months with the death my daddy. I am more grateful than words can express. I feel blessed that you are in my life, my doctor, my friend, and part of my healthcare. I know I probably would not have made it this long without you. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for all you have done and your continued support, phone calls, nurturing and caring. Please don’t give up on me.”— Linda A., Nutritional Consultant

“I am totally relaxed. It’s a miracle… I will always be grateful to you for what you have done for me. Or, as you would have me say, what you helped me to do for myself. I am meditating twice daily and will continue to do so. It has become part of my life. I look forward to it. The “what if’s” and “predicting the outcome of future events” have just about disappeared from my thoughts. I am determined not let them intrude on my freedom and happiness. Thank you again for all your encouragement and support. My life has dramatically changed for the better for having known you.” — Karen M., Retired Bank Official