Attaining a Balanced, Fulfilled Life

We are all capable of attaining balance in our lives. We can generate powers within ourselves that blend our emotions and feelings into a force that allows us to:

  • Merge two opposites and form a uniquely new dimension to find balance between the opposites. This merging creates a full range of feelings from truth to empathy, beauty, and harmony to compassion.
  • The common point between these feelings is the idea of a new force that opens us to a much vaster world than the one we’ve lived in previously.
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Components of a Balanced LifeThe five major components of attaining, restoring and maintaining balance include: – Centering: Being centered (grounded) means remaining calm through the chaos of life. You can do this through creating inner self-awareness by balancing your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. – Integration: Integration is the process of harmonizing your mind, body and spirit that facilitates and deepens your sense of personal well-being.

  • Contentedness: Being connected means staying in touch with yourself as you relate to others. It’s important to balance your interest in others with your own inner self-awareness.
  • Innovation: Innovation is renewing or changing what is meaningful in your life, retaining it in the way you make decisions or make choices outside of your norm. The goal of innovation is to make a positive change by challenging yourself to make a meaningful difference when there is freedom to choose.
  • Self Fulfillment: The pursuit of your dreams and aspirations will bring you a deep sense of self-fulfillment when you live by being true to yourself, proactively connecting with the person you are and things that you choose to do.   

Incorporating Balance in Your Life
Once you have mastered the components of a balanced life, the next step is to incorporate them into your daily life. In support of your efforts to establish, restore and maintain balance, you may consider following some guidelines for dealing with difficult situations.
Maintaining balance is an ongoing process of learning, finding, practicing, maintaining and regaining balance. It involves modulation and searching for the center between extremes, and necessitates dealing with tradeoffs, costs and benefits, pros and cons. By challenging your preconceived notions you can establish balance between three divergent forces that drive the engine of life: ambition, competence and ethics.
The principles that establish and maintain balance between ethics, ambition and competence involve getting feedback and acting on it, learning, listening and choosing to act judiciously by being hard on issues but soft on people. Balance is also enhanced by seeing each problem as a challenge and an opportunity for growth, by using language of hope and achievement rather than defeat. These guidelines will also help you create the potential for achievement, and motivate you to act with confidence in supporting your passion and learning to express that passion by emulating the person who inspired it.