Have You Found Your Passion?

While a graduate student at the University of Delhi, in the capitol city of India, Om Prakash became involved with Gandhi’s ‘Quit India’ freedom movement. He served as a community organizer for four years until India gained freedom from the British. Towards the end of this period, he was imprisoned by the British for his activities as a freedom worker. During a deep meditative state the outlines of a life of service to others began to emerge and, by the time he was released from prison, it turned into his lifelong passion.
Some of us are still seeking our passion in life. For those of us who have found it we may be struggling with finding time for it and all our other commitments in life. The book ‘From Change to Transformation & Beyond – Maintaining Balance on the Fast Track: A Personal Guide for Aspiring Individuals’ by Dr. Om Prakash,discusses the importance discovering your passion through  possibility thinking and wisdom beyond experience. The outlines of this discovery process is discusse in the chapter on Schel in this book.
The author Dr. Om Prakash, Ph.D. is a Corporate Performance Coach and a Clinical Psychologist with 35 years of experience in working with corporate leaders, small business owners and individuals who aspire to discover their maximum potential for optimum success in life.