New book underway


No posts have been made on this page for some time simply because Dr. Prakash has been busy writing his soon to-be-published book, From Change to Transformation & Beyond. An outline of the book is presented on the Publications page for our clients and prospective readers.

Dr. Prakash grew up in India. When he was a student at the University of Delhi, the capital city of India, he became involved in Gandhi’s “Quit India” freedom movement and served as a community organizer for the next four years until India gained its freedom from the British. Towards the end of this period, he was imprisoned by the British for his activities as a freedom worker. While in prison, he had the time and opportunity to think about his future, as the dawn of freedom began to emerge on the horizon.  In a deep meditative state of inner awareness one spring morning, the outlines of a life of service to others began to emerge and, by the time he was released from the prison, it turned into a lifelong passion.
With this experience he embarked on the journey of transformation. This book evolved out of his experience with his clients and patients over thirty five years of practice. It presents a unique perspective involving a spiritual approach to self help and can serve as guide for aspiring individuals who wish to discover their maximum potential for optimum success.