How to have a productive professional day

How to have a productive professional day

What is the secret of having a productive day?

One way to ensure a productive day is to fashion your day in line with successful people, by

–   Being grounded and focused. It takes positive mind set, self- awareness and self –training to overcome the negative gravity that pulls us down as we face demands of daily life.

–   Following a routine to add stability and predictability on the otherwise unpredictable day.

Lynn Tyler, a national work place expert presents some ideas as to how successful people manage their day. We will present some of her suggestions including my own in this podcast.

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What is the most important first step you can take to have a productive day?

 Master planning session

Best performance requires that you reflect on where you have been, where you are and where you are going. Master planning session will provides you with this quiet time to reflect on what have you accomplished towards your goals so far last week, status of your current projects and what needs to be accomplished this coming week.

How does Master Planning session helps to organize your week?

Every Sunday morning or any other time convenient to you on the week end, find one hour for a master planning session and look at the entire week to plan your week. Look at your goals and objectives and then figure out the tasks that that will help you accomplish your objectives and categorize your tasks into several categories- Next Action, Urgent, Important, Logistics and Pending.

What do you do before starting your day?

 Take a pause and be present

Center yourself and be fully present to make sure that you manage your day rather than it manages you.

–      Get comfortable by adjusting your chair and all the items you need for
work are within reach – keyboard, computer, mouse and phone

–      Organize your work space by making sure you can find things you need to    get your work done

–      Then check your emails before starting your work and only when you get
back from your breaks for first fifteen minutes.


How do you increase your work efficiency?

Arrange your day into 90 minutes work periods separated by breaks

To be most productive, psychological studies suggest that 90 minutes work periods, separated by 15 minutes breaks render most productivity. During the break stretch to get your blood circulation going and walk around to limber up. .


What do you do to guard against losing momentum?

 Anticipate and avoid Distractions

– Be aware of the anticipate and know how to mitigate distractions such as low priority calls, optional meetings, chatty coworkers, incoming emails or text, low priority notifications challenging your day plan.

–  An effective way to deal with frustration generated by distractions is to smile and laugh when things seem to throw you off of your planned day. It will help you to regroup quickly.


What else can you do to stay organized?

Organize your office

The cardinal principle to have an organized office is – never handle paper/document twice.

–      This means everyday spend the last 15 minutes to  organize your papers in categories that are meaningful to you in finding the information you may need later in the week in flat paper holders.

–      On late Friday afternoon take the last 30 minutes to file away papers/ documents that you would not need anymore.

How do assess progress and stay focused?

Review daily list and make adjustments

Every night before going to bed, take 20 minutes to review your to do list, assess what you have accomplished, make necessary adjustments to what have you to do next day, prioritize your tasks, and mentally map out your rest of the week.


What are the advantages of assessing daily progress?

There are several advantages in taking stock of your to do list before bed time every workday.

–      Apart from keeping updated, it gets the clutter out of your head and puts it on the paper or on the device screen where you can see it.

–      You don’t have to think of what have to do next day; you sleep better and next morning you will be ready to go.

–      Take a moment to be grateful for something that helped you to do the very best for the day.

–      It all stars the night before. To have a productive day is to ensure that you go to bed at a reasonable time and wake up early enough to get a good start.

What is the second secret of your having a productive workday ?

 Interpersonal Skills

Use them to relate and motivate your staff and co-workers and Become a great team player

What do you do motivate your staff and co-workers?

Take temperature of your office environment

Sense the energy levels, motivation and engagement of the staff and help boost
the team spirit by recognizing their accomplishments and rewarding them for a job well done.

How do you become an effective team Player?

Take time to greet team members

To start your day on a pleasant note, check with your boss and visit your team members. Being friendly makes the work place more pleasant and will encourage others to connect with you.

Do you have any concluding comments?

These suggestions for professionals to have a productive work day evolved out of my own experiences and those other experts who have specialized in this area. Try to implement these ideas in small segments at a time and incorporate as much as will fulfill your specific needs for the best outcome of your efforts to succeed in life.

In Giving We Receive

In giving we receive

 What is a common theme in all-religious and cultural traditions in the world?

This theme is beautifully illustrated in the famous prayer of Saint Francisco of Assisi’s as his words ring true in our personal life. In giving we receive, in forgiving we are forgiven in dying to the self, we are born to eternal life.

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How could this philosophy be applied in our personal life?

Derek Rydall, a life coach, in his bestselling book, ’ Emergence: Seven steps for

radical life change, ‘says that if we want more to come into our lives we must give
out more out of your life. He cites several reasons we should give in order to receive:

·        Nothing enters into this world except through the process of giving

·        As humans we are divine power plants which gives out energy

·        The word human derives from the Sanskrit term ‘Manush’ which means’ Dispenser of Divine Gifts’

What are the seven Gifts of the Divine Dispenser?

Rydall describes seven gifts of the ‘Divine Dispenser

·        Giving Forth: Share your time, talent and treasure

·        Giving Away: Circulate what you no longer need or use

·        Giving Up: Release habits, criticism, complaints and judgments

·        Giving In : Let go of resistance, surrender to what is emerging

·        Forgiving: Free yourself and others from emotional debt

·        Giving to self: Give yourself what you seek from others

·        Giving Thanks: What you appreciate, appreciates in value overtime

 How do you apply these seven gifts of the Devine Dispenser to our personal Life?

Rydall suggests the following steps:

·        Look at each of the life structures: – health, wealth, work, relationships, personal development, service and spirituality – and decide where you want to effect changes

·        It could be something material, for example money which might in spiritual terms equal safety, security and self-worth. Translate physical into spiritual quality

·        It could be love, approval, respect and validation, then actively give these to your-self, by asking, ‘what would it look like to totally if I give respect, love, approve to myself? And then follow your inner guidance.

This could be beginning of a life of awakened wealth and abundance in your life.

 Does this philosophy apply to our business relationships?

This principle of giving has been very successfully employed by Ivan Misner, Ph.D. in cultivating business success in his organization Business Networking International (BNI) with his business philosophy of Givers Gain.

·        Philosophy of giving benefits to others and treating others the way you want to be treated also applies to business relationships.

·        In the business world this means that if you want people to help you build your business you will have to help them build their business first to gain their trust in you

·        It is more like farming rather than hunting for business, you cultivate relationships through networking like a farmer cultivates his crop.

How does the philosophy of givers gain work in building business relationships?

Dr. Misner gives an interesting example of a farmer in Nebraska who won the state fair trophy for best corn crop of the year four times to illustrate the philosophy of givers gain: When the reporters asked the farmer what is the secret of his success? The farmer said that he develops his special corn seed and gives it away to his neighbors.

Why in the world do you give away your special corn seed to your Neighbors? The farmer answered by saying that if your neighbors have strong crops, it will pollinate neighboring fields and they all will have strong crops. This story illustrates the philosophy that in giving we receive in abundance from others

 Concluding Comments

The Philosophy of giving freely without expectation of return applies to our personal growth as explained by Rydall as well as to our business ventures in the philosophy of givers gain of Dr. Misner and to life in general as well.

The Quality of your Relationships Determine the Quality of your Life

What is the topic of our presentation today?

James we are going to talk about: The Quality of your Relationships Determine the Quality of your Life

 How does the quality of your relationship determine the quality of your life?

The idea that relationships are the main ingredient in deterring the quality of your life was first propagated by the legendary life coach Tony Robins and many other authors have expanded on this concept. This podcast will attempt to present some ideas as to how you could enhance the quality of your relationships to improve the quality of your life.

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How do you enhance the quality of your relationships?

If the quality of your life depends upon the quality of your relationships, then some guidelines for enabling you to improve the quality of your relationships can be helpful.

What is the most effective way to start building relationships?

Be Open. This means that you open the gates of your life, let new people come into your life as you greet them with an open mind, because each individual represents a whole new world of reality which will open new avenues for you. However, it would not happen unless you tear down walls, because you are not any better than someone and someone is no better than you. Therefore don’t build walls around you. The walls instead of protecting you will hurt you in the long run. Instead build bridges for people to cross over to your side and become a part of your world.

What is the main ingredient in a relationship? 

The mindset is the main ingredient in a relationship because how you perceive someone you have a relationship with creates a mindset that enables you to relate to them by either building bridges or erecting walls that becomes your frame of reference for the relationship.

 How do you enhance a growing relationship?

By giving value to other which means that instead of thinking what is in it for you, think what can you give to this relationship to nurture it? You can be assured that by giving to the relationship without expectation of return, you will receive in abundance. You can nurture a relationship by listening, picking them up when they are down and being totally present with them. However, it would not happen unless you are accepting of yourself which means that if you live in alignment with what you think is right, you become more accepting of yourself. When you have the mindset that you are at ease with yourself it gives emotional stability, which in turn enable you to create lasting relationships.

In what way can you enhance the quality of your life?

Sharing yourself with someone you care about makes life and relationship a lot more fun and your hard times a bit easier. As the Swedish proverb suggests, shared joy is a double the joy: shared sorrow is half the sorrow. However, it would not happen unless you are genuine in the sense that you do not analyze a relationship because a growing relationship can only be nurtured by genuineness. Few things are as powerful as genuine communication from the heart to heart

Do you have concluding comments? 

Being authentic in building bridges and giving without expectations, can build lasting relationship that will transform your life, because you will be in alignment with yourself, filling your life with joy and happiness.