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Connecting with people of affluence and influence

Present Individualized coaching Business Model

·        Building personal brand

·        Lifestyle coaching

·        Business coaching

·        Group coaching

·        Getting published

Trends in coaching

·        Coaching as a sellable skill vs. marketing

·        Neuroscience/Brain based coaching

·        Peer group coaching such as master mind group with a go-to model

Personal Transformation for Coaches to meet the challenges of new trends
A. Individual

·        Shift in purpose from individualized to peer group coaching

·        Clear view of future of the coaching industry as a part of the peer group

·        Being unique in making a contribution


B. Be a part of a mastermind group where people with diverse expertise come together in a round table.

Next Level: The King Maker Model

A.    Pre-requisites of the King Maker Business Model

Most successful people do not need skills to succeed, but need to find a purpose in life now that they have achieved everything they wanted in life. They usually strive to find a cause they could devote their energies and use their talents to leave something lasting behind them. Look at the cause they are involved. To connect with them you may seek out

·        Charitable organizations with a cause

·        Foundations that they may have created

·        An exclusive club for successful people which they may have joined

·        A secret society they may be participating


The King Maker Model involves matching successful people with a cause
and pertains to personal evolution vs. opportunity to find meaning in life.


I.       Support the Cause
As coaches we can help them to discover their cause by enabling them to follow the ‘LIFE’ model:
                                    L- Labor
                                    I-  Influence
                                    F- Finance
                                    E- Expertise

II. Mediation

·        Disputes

·        Resolve Issues

·        Create Agreements

      III. Reconciliation

·        Settle disputes between family members

·        Resolve conflicts of interests

     IV. Create a legacy

·        Enable a king to become a king maker

·        Groom a successor to take over

·        Mentor young entrepreneurs

Concluding Comments
This next level of coaching is a challenge the coaching industry has to face. This opens newer vistas and opportunities for the next generation of coaches.