Dr. Prakash Interviews Ben Stern

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Interview Questions for Ben Stein

Hello everyone,

I have here with me is Ben Stein. Let me introduce our guest to you


Ben, 65, a former corporate treasurer, had been encountering drinking problems for 10 years.

He had maintained some sobriety thru AA, but sought additional help with us with spiritual counseling. This is the story of his healing from addiction to alcohol.

1.Ben when you came in to see us, you were ready to make some changes in your life and you were prepared be honest with  yourself?

  • How did being honest with yourself, helped you to start the healing process?
  • Why did you think that you had to be honest with yourself?

2. When did you realize that you had lost control of your life?

  • In what way did the acceptance of the fact that you had lost control of your life help you to open your heart and mind to receiving help?
  • Once acceptances sets in, did you feel that you could overcome your problem with help?

3. You sought to drink to find relief from the stress of life at the end of the day?

  • How did practice of meditation helps to find relief from stress?
  • Did practice of meditation give you inner peace and calm?

4. One of the concerns you had was about retiring and not knowing what you are going to do after you relinquish your powerful leadership position?

  • How did you learn to create a new perspective for your retirement years?
  • How did you feel in dealing with this issue after change in your perspective?

5. Another concern you had was your relationship with your wife, because drinking had isolated you from your loved ones?

  • How did you open the channels of communication with your wife?
  • Did changes in your life and attitude made an impact upon your relationship?

6. Establishing peace at work and peace at home made it easy to transition  your  view about retirement?

  • What plans do you have for the next phase of your life?
  • Do you feel secure knowing what lays ahead of you?

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