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Power of Possibility Thinking

Motivation to succeed is the most important ingredient in the success of any business, professional and /or personal venture. Possibility thinking generates the synergy for motivation to emerge. The prime example of possibility thinking is the Jewish concept of Sechel which means tapping wisdom beyond experience. In terms of our drive to succeed, it means: – Using the language of achievement rather than defeat – Acting with authentic confidence – Finding a passion and acting on it – Emulating someone who has inspired you – Seeing each challenge as an opportunity for growth – Being hard on issues and soft on people – Learning, listening and acting judiciously – Getting feedback and acting on it – Establishing balance between ambition, ethics and competence
Stephen Covey in his famous book ‘Seven Habits’ enumerates self-defeating statements clients make to themselves in their business transactions. Knowing that what we say to ourselves has the most profound impact upon us, coaches in their subtle ways, help their clients learn to make ‘power’ statements to themselves to energize their drive to success. Examples of such statements are presented below:
When the Client says …                                                  Coach Says
There nothing I can do …                                                         Let’s look at the alternatives
That’s just the way I am …                                                       I can choose a different approach
He/she makes me so mad …                                                    I control my own feelings
They won’t allow that …                                                            I can create an effective alternative
I have to do that …                                                                      I will choose an appropriate response
I can’t …                                                                                        I choose/  I prefer
If only …                                                                                        I will
Learning to use ‘power’ statements in their transactions paves the way to help clients start using the language of achievement and build authentic confidence in their drive to success. And other Sechel components begin to emerge as they discover their maximum potential for optimum success.

Om Prakash, Ph.D
Performance Coach