Prakash Interview Michael McGrath

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Here with me today is Michael Mcgrath

Michal is a design specialist in DFW helping business in branding
and web design and individual entrepreneurs take their business
to the next level.

 Hello Michael thank you for taking time to talk to me about your experiences of coaching in our work together. I hope you would not mind answering a few of my questions.

 General Questions

  • What motivated to seek coaching?
  • How did you know that coaching can help you?
  • When did you know that there was good match with
    your coach?

Specific Questions


  • In which area of your life coaching had the most powerful
    impact and how did it help you to deal with the issues involved?
  • How did coaching help you to improve the quality of your
    relationship with your loved ones?
  • Did coaching help you to develop and maintain working
    relationship with your clients?
  • Could coaching bring spirituality in your personal and social life?
  • In what specific ways did coaching help to organize your life?
  • Did coaching help your to attain and maintain balance on the fast track?
  • How did coaching enable to manage your business?
  • Did coaching help you to create more alliances to expand your business?
  • How did coaching help you to create a vision of the next phase of your life?


General Questions


  • How coaching helped to support your own efforts?
  • Do you think that coaching can help those who want to jump start their life?
  • Would you recommend coaching to your friends and co-workers?

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