Self Care Strategies for Transforming Your Life

Is Self-Care Selfish?

Self-care is not selfish and neither self- indulgent, nor it is born out of being fragile and weak willed. In -fact it is a vital part of maintain good health and vibrant life. Cultivating a repertoire of good self- care habits can affect your quality of life now and in the future.
Not only makes your life fulfilling but also extends to others- our family and friend and 
those come into our life- in more effective way.

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What are the Components of strategic self- care? 

Essential Components of self -Care are:

  • Physical
  • Mental / Emotional
  • Spiritual

What Physical strategies are needed?

  • Good Nutrition:  Healthy natural food to nourish the body
  • Rest and Relaxation; Restful  sleep, and occasional massage 
  • Physical Activation: Regular low impact exercise, 3 0r 4 times a week

What are some of the essential mental/ emotional strategies?

  • Self -Acceptance: Be accepting and kind to yourself, the world will judge you anyway 
  • Limit Setting: Take ‘should’ out of your vocabulary and say ‘no’ at least once a week
  • Sharing: share a part of your life with your loved ones 
  • Letting go: The past is dead, let go of it
  • Having Fun:  Don’t take yourself seriously, have some fun with your friends

What spiritual practices are recommended?

  • Prayer: Seek divine guidance through prayer
  • Meditation: Meditate to rejuvenate the mind
  • Spiritual Discourse: Participate in spiritual services and or discussion groups weekly
  • Contemplation/Journaling: Before bedtime contemplate your day and write down your thoughts
  • Reading Spiritual literature: Before falling sleep read something spiritually uplifting

How do you remove barriers that encroach upon your self- care?

In her book The Art Extreme self- care the author Cheryl Richardson, describes barriers to your self -care. She describes three significant strategies that will enable you to ensure healthy self- care for you.

  • Determine why and how you feel deprived
  • Create an “absolute no list”-
  • Find your own rhythm and routine

What do you do to determine “How do you feel deprived?”

Your responses to the following questions will enable:

  • You to discover why and how you feel deprived.
  • Where in your life do you feel deprived?
  • What do you need more of right now?
  • What do you need less of now?
  • What do you want right now?
  • What are you yearning for?
  • Who or what is making you feel resentful and why?
  • What are you striving for?

Be specific  in answering these  questions , as in the following
Example:  ‘ I feel deprived because I do not have time for myself’,

Instead you might say:
“I feel deprived of solitary time away from everybody, which allows me to do something for me, just as read a good book, have lunch with a friend or take quiet bath?”

How do you develop “An absolute no list?”

Richardson reminds us that knowing what you need to do is just as important as what you do not want to do. This list will represent things you refuse to tolerate which will make you feel safe, protected  and taken care of, free to be  your best self.

  • No rushing
  • Not keeping anything, you don’t need
  • Not answering phone while driving, during dinner and quiet times
  • Not engaging in gossip
  • Not using credit card unless you can pay it off at the end of the month

You can create your list by knowing what frustrates you, create tension , tightness .in your body. Also look for activities that you no longer do, no longer wish to do or like to give up in the near future.

What do you do to, “Find your rhythm and routine”?

Routines not boring, rather they give stability, security and serenity to life One way to 
establish routines is to follow nature:

  • Nature follows strict routines which makes it perfect.
  • Co- ordination with the rhythms in nature can enable you to establish routines such as going to bed the same time and waking up at the same time every day will improve the quality of the restful sleep you could attain that enhance your well- being and improve the quality of your life.

What other routines can we establish which are self-care enhancing?

But if we add some other self- care enhancing routines it is likely to improve the quality of our lives. Some such routines are:

  • Doing something nice for yourself once a week
  • Commune with nature in solitude
  • Eating a light early sit- down dinner with your family
  • Eating a nutritious breakfast in the morning every day.

Add a routine now and then that will improve your elf -care and enhance the quality of 
your life.

Concluding Comments 

Do you have to do it alone. Not necessarily, best self care is achieved  with a combination of time shared with others as well as some time alone-. You willingness to look for opportunities to practice self- care can stay with you no matter where you are?

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