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Ways to Impress the Boss

As individuals, you are faced with many decision-making moments. For example, when forming a relationship with a life partner, in finding a home in which this relationship grows and in advancing in a profession that supports this relationship. As professionals, being successful in your profession is one of the important elements in finding happiness in your life.

Sometimes the professional success depends upon the degree to which your boss values you as an individual and values your contribution to the company. Preparing to create a favorable impression on the boss happens at several levels: Personal, Interpersonal, Performance and the culture of the company.


  • Be honest:  This will enable you to win the trust of other people.
  • Speak your mind: Being honest will help you to speak your mind.
  • Ask for help: Openness in your dealings with others will empower you to learn new things.
  • Strive for self improvement:Set self standards and strive to do better than before
  • Go the extra mile: When you give more than you are expected, you will earn the respect of others


  • Be respectful: Being respectful  to others will earn you their respect and trust
  • Cultivate working relationship with team members: set one-on-one work sessions with individual members.
  • Anticipate team needs: Anticipating and meeting team needs will help you to become a resource for your boss.
  • Be a problem solver: Go to your boss with ideas that will enable him/ her to deal with issues facing the team.
  •  Help your boss manage the team: Use your individual knowledge of the strength of each team member in helping your boss in making assignments.


  • Be organized: List your important projects on a white board  in your work place so everyone can see  how you are progressing on your projects
  • Keep your boss informed of problems: No one likes surprises especially the bad ones.
  • Be prepared to deal with the unforeseen: Always have a plan B ready in case things do not turn out as planned.
  • Create a positive can-do attitude: Do not try to fix your weaknesses, but build on your strengths.

Corporate Culture

  • Be aware of the Meta-View of the company:  It is important to share the big picture view of the company with your boss.
  • Fit into the company cultures: Work with your boss in making the vision of the company come true.
  • Modulate your personal success drive: Remember your success lies in the success of the company.
  • Multiply effort with attitude to create ability: This will enhance your ‘can do’ potential.
  • Establish balance: Seek to harmonize your ambition with your abilities and the code of your ethics


These suggestions are the starting point and are not the ‘be all and end all’ of your efforts. Practicing these suggestions will leave a powerful impression on your boss as he /she will see you see as a person who deeply cares for the success of the company. However, your efforts must be genuine as you dedicate your life to finding a balance between your ambition, competence and the ethics of your profession.